About Us
In this section we aim to tell you a little bit about the East Barnet Shooting Club and answer any questions you may have. However, if you want to contact the club for any reason please click here to go to our contact page.

Where are you located?
Our main clubhouse is in the north of the London Borough of Barnet, on the outskirts of North London adjoining Hertfordshire. But we also have a Clay Pigeon field just off the A1 road, near Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. We also have a facility at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley in Surrey www.nsc-bisley.co.uk. You can find out more about becoming a member by clicking here to visit our membership page. Please remember, our membership is open to the whole community, we really are a sport for all!

What facilities do you offer?
From May 2004, EBSC has operated a NO SMOKING policy on out premises. Our main clubhouse was opened in 1981, it is fully wheelchair accessible and is modern brick built building, with full gas fired central heating throughout the clubroom and equipment rooms. We have two electrically radiant heated 25 meter indoor ranges, with six firing points each. The clubroom has a large central table, with comfortable chairs, where you can be sure of a DVD player, as well a radio and telephone. There is a kitchen set up with cooking facilities, microwave, hot and cold running water and a kettle for making tea and coffee. Pepsi and similar cold drinks are available as well as biscuits and other food at times. We have modern toilet facilities and our own large free car park. the clubhouse is not only easily accessible by car, but is also easily accessible by bus (100 meters away), train (200 meters away) and underground (1 mile away). Within 50 meters there are a selection of shops, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and petrol station. We try to have various social events throughout the year, an annual raffle, a 100 club prize draw, quiz nights, dinner, etc.

What do you shoot at and what are your aims?
The object of the club shall be to promote the sport of shooting and to encourage participation thereof. We do NOT shoot at animals, nor at illustrations that portray animals or humans. In most cases we shoot at paper target diagrams that look similar to an archery target, but the size of the diagram and distance varies considerably. We also shoot at clay pigeons (round clay discs). Competitive shooting is encouraged throughout.

How long have you been a shooting club?
We originate as a WWII Home Guard unit but on 1st May 1945 it became the East Barnet Home Guard (1944) RifleClub, then on 23rd April 1956, it became the East Barnet Rifle and Revolver Club, later changing it's name on 14th February 1964 to what we are known as today the East Barnet Shooting Club.

Are there any additional opportunities for the young or those who are inexperienced?
Our facilities are specifically opened for the local Scouting Association. We encourage Juniors (including those participating in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme) and beginners as well as catering for all levels of shooting experience, through to Olympic hopefuls.

Are you registered by an official body?
We are approved by the Home Office, this means that certain procedures need to be undertaken before you are allowed to shoot with us. We are also approved by HM Revenue and Customs as a Community Amateur Sports Club. In addition, we are registered with the Metropolitan Police Service, where we liaise over membership and similar matters. We operate on an unpaid voluntary basis, by people who shoot as a sport or past time or hobby and welcome anyone from the whole community. We are also affiliated to several national and county bodies, for example the National Small-bore Rifle Association www.nsra.co.uk, Middlesex Hertfordshire Rifle Association www.hertsra.org.uk and may more.

Who is in charge of the club?
All members are unpaid volunteers, including those who run it on a day to day basis and those who take overall responsibility for operating the club. We have a President, four Trustees, four Officers of the Club; Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. We also have Vice-Presidents, a Vice-Chairperson and eight Section Captains together with their individual committee representatives. The club is really operated by Duty Officers and the committee who meet six times a year, we produce financial audited accounts, we are registered for VAT and we have an Annual General Meeting, as well as a Constitution, Rules and Bye Laws of the Club.

What type of shooting do you offer?
We have eight sections represented, they are run by a Section Captain and a Committee Representative, they are:

1. Small Bore Rifle (SBR)
2. Air Pistol & rifle (APR)
3. Action Rifle & Pistol (ARP)
4. Action Air (AA)
5. Full Bore Rifle (FBR)
6. Practical Rifle (PR)
7. Clay Pigeon (CP)
8. Muzzle Loading Pistol & Small Bore Gallery Rifle (MLPGR)

When are you open?
We are mainly open every weekday evening from about 07:30pm to 11:00pm and on a Sunday from about 10am to 4pm but not currently on a Saturday. But for Clay Pigeon, Practical Rifle, Full Bore Rifle, we meet on selected weekends at other venues. It's best to click on the CONTACT US tab to find out more details.

What does it cost?
See the membership for details, but includes generous concessions for under 18's and over 65's. All the necessary equipment, including of course a gun is available on loan at the club facilities free of charge. You will need to purchase ammunition at a small charge though.

What else do I need to know?
Unless you possess a valid personal Firearms Certificate all unused ammunition must be returned to the club, for your use on another day. Everyone is required to wear in a prominent position, the club photographic identification card. Additionally, Probationary need to have thir "yellow card" signed by the Duty Officer, each time they shoot. Everyone must sign the Attendance Book on each visit to the club; whether shooting or not and regardless of time spent. This meets requirements of our insurers, current Firearm Regulations, Home Office Rules, Local Police arrangements and confirms your acceptance of our Constitution, Bye laws, Notices and Rules of the club.

Where do I go from here?
We hope the last few pages have been helpful to you and will find our club meets your expectations. Please feel free to visit the club, where someone will be pleased to show you our facilities and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to know more about the club please click here to go to our contact page.