Action Rifle/Pistol

This Section was set up after the 1997 handgun ban to continue the shooting disciplines and competitions previously undertaken by full bore pistol shooters. This type of shooting is characterised by courses of fire that are shot against the clock, normally on turning targets (possibly more than one), at different distances between 50 and 10 metres, and using different positions e.g. standing freehand, kneeling, sitting and sometimes using barricades. The shooting has a practical edge because the competitions are often adapted from standard police or military training routines.

Apart from internal club competitions and any shoots against other clubs, national postal league competitions are available. But if you want to shoot for fun only that's also fine. Weapons commonly used in "action" disciplines are: pistol calibre lever action "gallery rifles" (the sort made famous by Winchester and Hollywood western movies), semi-auto small bore rifles, long-barrelled revolvers introduced into the UK market to meet specific legislation, but shooting the same calibre rounds as gallery rifles and eligible for similar competitions (in a separate class).

The Section meets on Tuesday nights and some Saturday nights.

Bruce Perry
Action Rifle/Pistol Captain

Courses of Fire