How can I contact you to find out more about becoming a member?
The Membership Secretary can be contacted through our contact page.

Who is allowed to become a member?
Membership is open to the whole community, we really are a sport for all. We currently have about 300 members from all walks of life.  There is sometimes a waiting list from time to time.

How do I apply to become a member?
Click here to see our contact us page but it is necessary for you to provide your personal details as stated on the Application Form, together with the name and address of two referees who are known personally by you, you sign and date the form. If under 18 years of age, your Parent or Guardian will also need to sign. The referees will be contacted by EBSC to obtain a character reference. You will then be invited to discuss your application at an informal meeting with two Club Officials. Upon satisfactory completion of the meeting, you must undergo at least a three month (usually a six month) regularly attended Probationary period of Membership to determine your suitability.

When can I shoot and use a club gun if I don't have my own?
If you wish to use a gun as defined in the Firearms Acts, then you must comply with the requirements of those Acts, Home Office Criteria and Police requirements, this is in addition to the EBSC Constitution and Bye Laws. This will usually mean that you will have to become a Probationary Member.

When can I become a full member?
On completion of the Probationary Period, your name and details are discussed by the Committee for the consideration of Full Membership. Full membership will normally be granted unless you have been in breach of the Firearms Acts, Home Office Criteria or Police requirements or that the committee feels your conduct on club premises or elsewhere is unseemly, objectionable or calculated to bring the club into disrepute. If rejected, you may appeal to the Officers of the Club for a final decision.

How much does it cost?

Joining Fee (One off payment at time of joining as a Probationary Member):
Adult 35.00
Family (Wife/Husband/Partner) 10.00
Junior (under 18) 10.00

Annual Subscriptions (1st January to 31st December; all pro-rata during year of election):
Full Adult 70.00
Junior 30.00
Family 30.00
Pensioner 30.00

Attendance Range Fee (paid at each visit):
Adult 3.00
Adult Probationer 6.00
Adult Visitor 7.00
Junior 1.50
Junior Probationer 3.00
Junior Visitor 3.50

There are separate attendance/range fees for Clay Pigeon, Full Bore Rifle and Practical Rifle that vary depending on the discipline.